Advertising, we offer advertising on this site as well as and PetMedsMinders as Posts and Pages (in the Slider) for $100/month and $150/month in the Slider Per Website though all 3 websites in the Slider is $400/month. Post/Pages are removed if advertising is discontinued.

You can also optionally select promotion of your content.

Twitter Promotion, we offer Twitter posts from @techtionary (19.1K followers), @boulderbusiness (11.1K followers), @bocobuffs (6K followers) @reallyreallyapp (7K followers) @footballfansclubs (3.8K followers), @iqawards (4.2K followers), @iseeksugar (5K followers) and a few others. To make this less complicated, it is $100 per month for 20K+ (you can pick the Twitter accounts) and $200 per month for 40K+ followers per one (1) post per week

If you want more it is $500 for the “Happy Meal” of M-F one (1) post going 40K+ followers.  You just provide the posts and we post them across the accounts you want. If you want more, email us.

Marcom, we can write articles and do other marcom work for you as you need from indepth articles, webinars, PR, SEO, etc.  We can also build an IBM Watson (certified) chatbot.

Terms – Prepaid via CC/Paypal, fees prorated for the month and you can cancel at anytime though no refunds.  Offer subject to change without notice and offer only valid with proposal to you.

Thanks for the opportunity to help you succeed.